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At Dokha.com, we are proud to feature Scorpion Dokha, imported by us directly from the source in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After most carefully selecting among numerous dokha tobaccos with the intent to offer only the finest products on the market for introduction in the USA and beyond, it is our discretion to provide Scorpion Premium Dokha - that with its exquisite quality will delight the true connoisseur; the most discerning of smokers. Only recently appearing in Arabia, Scorpion’s immediate success is an attribute to its quality as it has become the single brand made available in the popular Smokers’ Centre storefronts and neighborhood supermarkets across the UAE and Qatar.




Scorpion Hot dokha -  For those, who are not afraid to go to extremes, consisting of a strong flavor with a powerful stimulating experience.

Scorpion Medium (a warm dokha) is sure to satisfy.

Medium packs a great rush, especially if dokha is new to you. Considered a staple for those who routinely enjoy dokha, Scorpion Medium is perfect if you seek the right balance of flavor and satisfaction.     

Scorpion Light dokha may be just right for you.

While, as a dokha, still remarkably stronger than most other tobaccos, Light is a pure pleasure to indulge - entirely smooth, cool smoking and without the harshness of stronger dokha tobaccos.  This is the favorite dokha to start your morning and for winding down in the evening time.  Smoke your medwakh with Light dokha as you would a hookah for an extra rush.

Note: Scorpion dokha is packaged for value and convenience.  To keep the dokha at its best, with most freshness and flavor, the dokha is sealed in an air-tight flip top bottle (ensuring genuine product) that is opaque to prevent light from aging the product.  Each 65 mL container of Scorpion Dokha holds approximately 95-120 smokes (depending upon medwakh bowl size).    


Find our selection of medwakh smoking pipes below (scroll over to enlarge the image).  Enjoy the your dokha experience from any of the fine quality medwakh imported from the UAE.  Each medwakh comes to you with a couple of Dubliss medwakh/cigarette filters (to get you started!) and a drawstring pouch to hold your medwakh, filters and dokha container.     



65 mL bottle! (15g of dokha)



65 mL bottle! (15g of dokha)



65 mL bottle! (15g of dokha)



Dokha        Medwakh        Smoking Accessories

$264.85  SALE PRICE


Carton of Dokha

This is a meticulously handcrafted wooden medwakh of exquisite quality.  You will notice the distinct wood grain that makes each of these pipes one-of-a-kind.  Due to its durability, this wood has had many uses, including constructing the decks of seafaring vessels. These medwakh will have either gold or silver accents.       



The “black” medwakh is crafted from exotic dark wood that gives the medwakh a natural dark brown or near black color.  Dark woods such as this were used by ancient Egyptian pharos to build tombs that lasted thousands of years.  Comes with either gold or silver accents.



Includes 15 containers, that’s about 1425-1800 smokes  with your medwakh. Choose the option that suits you best: carton of either light, medium or hot; or a mixed carton - 5 of each.  If you want to order unequal amounts of each blend, order them individually from above and we will still include your free shipping as long as your order total (may include pipes and accessories) is equal to a carton of dokha.

Be sure to enter coupon code sailing free at checkout for FREE UPS SHIPPING to all domestic locations with purchase of $150 or more.          



A heavy, smooth, solid-cast aluminum medwakh with a striking shine.  The clean dokha smoke you get from the metal allows your taste of the pure flavor of the natural dokha.  The luxury of a nearly indestructible aluminum medwakh- sure to last a lifetime, is the ease with which it can be cleaned (you can get it wet!).  This medwakh is also a little longer than more traditional wooden medwakh pipes.              



When you are smoking dokha from this solid-cast aluminum midwakh, you will always be accompanied by sharp style.  An “eagle talon” design sets this midwakh pipe apart from any other.  Truly a fine and eye-catching aluminum dokha pipe that you can count on to last through the ages.       



Pack of 8 tar reducing New Turbo filters for your medwakh (also for cigarettes).  These are the must - have filters to snugly fit your medwakh pipe.  For your best smoking experience, change the filter on your medwakh often (when it becomes dark brown).  A nice clean filter will always cause your smoke to be stronger/more satisfying.  Many customers who smoke cigarettes also purchase these for the added health benefit of reducing tar. Always have them on hand to better enjoy your smoke!     

Order New Turbo medwakh/cigarette filters by the carton for a discounted price. One carton contains 12 packages of eight (96 filters).        



$28 (12 Packs)


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